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Ask Us About Our Discounts

As a small business, selling to mostly small businesses, we understand every dollar counts. We are offering a variety of discounts to our customers.

First, every customer is eligible for a cash discount. If you are able to pay via cash or check we can provide a $50 per unit discount since we will not be subject to a 3% credit card transaction fee.

Secondly, we can provide multi-unit order discounts. The more units purchased, the more you can save per unit. Because each unit is hand built, and parts are purchased in relatively small quantities, we can generally offer the biggest discounts based on larger orders. Contact us and let us know how many units you are interested in to find out your possible discount.

Likewise, when do you need your units? If you are interested in purchasing our units but don't need them for a while, we can achieve additional savings by batching your order with our other current orders, thereby getting better rates from our suppliers. 

Lastly, we are currently offering a small discount of $100 per unit to our new customers. What we are asking in return is honest feedback (so that we can provide the best product and experience possible), honest reviews (so others can benefit from those reviews prior to making a purchase), and help in content creation (meaning help produce a few videos and pictures that we can use for advertising). In return we will help promote your business anyway possible. Because, our business will only succeed if yours does.


Feb 19, 2019 • Posted by Carrie Pongphila

Hi I am a small business owner whose machine I bought from China is breaking on me! I need 1 2 maybe 3 of these! Please let me know the back order time? I may need 1 ASAP :/

Jan 25, 2019 • Posted by Dave Mellick

Thanks Randy! We appreciate your continued support and kind words.

Jan 24, 2019 • Posted by Randy J King

This paradigm shift approach is the kind of thing that can restore what the USA once was. Awesome machines that will revolutionize the rolled ice cream industry. As American as apple pie!

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