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Updates - Reserve Your Machines Today

Updates - Reserve Your Machines Today

Arctic Griddle is planning on releasing a new square pan-top version of our machines this year. It will also feature multiple new internal sensors and continuously variable valves, which will give the machines a host of new benefits over the existing machines currently on the market. I will have a post on all of these improvements in the near future.

We had hoped to be in production with these new machines by now but we have hit an issue in getting the needed parts. Several of the parts we need we can only get from China and the coronavirus has shutdown the factories. We hope that the shutdown will be short and we will be able to get the required parts, but we have no guarantees. As a result, we are working on a contingency plan but do not know when we will be able to resume production. 

Because of these delays, we will likely be backlogged again during this pre-summer busy season. We recommend that if you are planning on purchasing machines in the next few months, please give us a heads up and let us know when you will need them. You don't have to put down money but we will put you on our production list so we can best meet everyone's desired schedule.

As far as our machines from last year, our AG-1000 and AG-1010 machines, we are down to just a couple units left in stock. We are holding on to the remaining units for our existing customers and for emergencies. If you are an existing customer or have an immediate need let us know and we will try to work with you.  




Feb 11, 2020 • Posted by Dave Mellick

Fair question – one that we’ve tried to address on our website through our detailed discussions about reliability and the lengths we go through to try to build a quality product. But to summarize, just about everything is made overseas. We use a Danfoss/Secop brand compressor, they are not a Chinese company but the compressors are still made in China. That being said, there is still a huge quality difference between the compressor we use (which costs us $210 in large quantities) and the 2nd hand refurbished compressors that the Chinese manufacturers use. We could buy these as well for as little as $30 on Alibaba but we won’t. The same goes for several other parts that we use. We use higher quality parts even if they do come from China, or Mexico, or where ever. And, many of our parts are made in the USA – the compact microchannel condenser coil, the serpentine coils, the electronic assemblies (with parts from all around the world), the sheet metal framing, pan tops, and wiring harnesses.

There are many other factors that go into the cost of our machines.
1) We are a small niche company and as such make each machine by hand in the USA, not on a massive automated production line with slave labor.
2) Our labor costs are 10x what China has to pay.
3) We get to pay many other things that China is not concerned with like workman’s comp, liability insurance, product insurance, property insurance, warranty repairs …
4). WE ACTUALLY HONOR WARRANTIES – I have not heard from one owner of a Chinese machine that has ever had the Chinese company actually honor the warranty on their machines. Why? There is ZERO cost added to the machine to cover warranty costs. They can’t possibly warranty their machines at their prices, they would go out of business within a week given their reliability. And yet, I’m constantly told by individuals that their Chinese machines are fine because they under warranty as well. Unfortunately, they usually learn the hard way.
5) Our shipping is not subsidized like the Chinese. The Chinese can ship a machine to the US cheaper than we can have one shipped to the state next door.

We’ve worked incredibly hard over the last year to bring our prices down and while we have been able to shave about $700 off our bill-of-materials there is still more that we want to do. And while China will always be able to produce a cheaper product, they do not hold up to our quality, performance, reliability, support, and the peace of mind knowing that if something does happen to your machine you can actually get it fixed.

Feb 11, 2020 • Posted by Michael Clark

So if the corona virus does not allow you to get your parts from China and you claim the cheap Chinese units go down? What makes your unit any different from there’s if your using the same Chinese parts? only a hand full of companies that produce compressors world wide toshiba being one of them. It maybe assembled in the USA but with Chinese parts so I’m wondering why your machines are triple the cost when it’s basically the same compressors, condenser, evaporator and lines. They only make copper one way for the line set. That being said I’m weary about purchasing a Chinese made machine for the reliability but now I’m wonder what makes your machines superior to the Chinese brands when your interior components are likely the same aside from your pans as you stated on your other web site. Just questions I need answers to prior to dropping 2k on one of your machines. Thank you not meaning to be a ignorant butt head but it threw me off a bit.

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