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The Arctic Griddle Brand

Arctic Griddle LLC, and the Arctic Griddle brand, are a result of Custom Circuit Solutions LLC work over the last few years helping business owners all over the world to repair and maintain their rolled ice cream machines. Unfortunately, it had become an almost daily occurrence for a business to contact us in which there was a problem with one or more of their machines and the overseas supplier of those machines had failed to provide any support. It is not uncommon for machines from overseas to fail after just a few months, or for them to show up dead on arrival. Some vendors don't even bother to ship the product once money has been exchanged and the promised warranties on failed units are NEVER honored. 

It was because of these stories that we established the website, to support as many business owners as possible keep their machines running. In all of our contacts with our customers we kept being asked one question "Can you make us a more reliable unit?" And so the Arctic Griddle was born. It took more than a year of development to perfect but in the end we have produced a product which is far superior to any other manufacturer. But, most importantly, if you ever have a problem with your machine we will stand by our product. We honor our warranties and provide documentation so that our units can be supported by other refrigeration technicians when necessary.


The Arctic Griddle was developed first and foremost to meet the needs for a high reliability rolled ice cream machine. From the use of quality components, to proper assembly techniques, and post assembly testing, we go the extra mile to ensure the most reliable product achievable. For example, the solenoids we use are rated at nearly a million switching cycles versus 20,000 for most of our competitors. This is the difference between a unit that last 3 months and one that lasts more than 10 years. Read through all of our reliability improvements and you'll understand the value of our products.   


There's much to consider when it comes to the performance of your rolled ice cream machine. Our pans offer the smoothest rolling and highest energy efficiency while still providing fast cool down and defrost times. Our units are also the smallest and most portable, making them ideal for catering offsite events. Click the link for full details regarding the performance of our unit.


While it may not be clearly evident from looking at them, the units currently on the market coming from overseas are horribly unsafe. Our units address such issues as unsafe wiring and exploding refrigeration components. Each unit also undergoes a full series of safety compliance tests as part of the manufacturing process. Click the link for a full listing of safety improvements.

Superior Support

Our support doesn't just end at the time of sale like other vendors. We provide online documentation and phone support in English. We also honor our warranties, unlike other companies (which sadly many of our customers can attest to).  Click the link for a full listing of our superior support.


Check out here for our most Frequently Asked Questions.