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The Arctic Griddle Cold Plate

Whether you call it rolled, Thai, or fried, this new style of ice cream is just better. Customers can have the freshest ice cream, made to their specific preferences, in an entertaining way. Rolled ice cream is perfect for store fronts, food trucks, resorts, event catering, and even home use. Liquor infused rolled ice cream can even add an entirely new revenue stream to bars and clubs. The biggest problem the industry had previously was finding quality cold pans that wouldn't break down after a few months.

Manufactured in the USA, our Arctic Griddles are the all around best fried ice cream roll machines available today. American made from the ground up for superior reliability, our Arctic Griddles excel in safety, performance, and portability. Whether you run a store front, a mobile food truck, or cater events, our pans have many features that can increase your profits over using the cheap machines manufactured in China. Continue reading below for more details or view our product catalog here.

For those with failing machines from other manufacturers, we can still help. Contact us for free troubleshooting advice and information on how to repair and maintain your ice cream pans.

Unique Features To Help Increase Your Profits

Arctic Griddle Rolled Ice Cream Machine
  • Portable Counter Top Unit

    Our unit is 1/3 the height and 1/2 the weight of other 20" pans on the market, making it the perfect solution for one of the most profitable aspects of rolled ice cream - catering. It also frees up significant space within your shop for added product.

  • Real-Time Temperature Control

    Being able to change the pan temperature quickly is important if you want to switch between rolling different products such as standard ice cream base and liquor infused. To change the temperature just press the up or down button.

  • Hot Spot Free Pan

    Most cheap machines on the market suffer from hot spots in the pan which take a long time to freeze (or don't freeze at all). This slows down the rolling process and costs you money. We invested in significant R&D to develop the most even cold plate possible - free from hot spots. 

  • Energy Efficient

    Not only do cheap inefficient pans cost more directly, the added heat they create then has to be removed from your building or mobile unit, further increasing your electricity bill. The Arctic Griddle was designed to save you money each month.   

Key Benefits


The Arctic Griddle was developed first and foremost to meet the needs for a high reliability rolled ice cream machine. From the use of quality components, to proper assembly techniques, and post assembly testing, we go the extra mile to ensure the most reliable product achievable. For example, the solenoids we use are rated at nearly a million switching cycles versus 20,000 for most of our competitors. This is the difference between a unit that lasts 3 months and one that lasts more than 10 years. Read through all of our reliability improvements and you'll understand the value of our products.   


There's much to consider when it comes to the performance of your rolled ice cream machine. Our pans offer the smoothest rolling and highest energy efficiency while still providing fast cool down and defrost times. Our units are also the smallest and most portable, making them ideal for catering offsite events. Every detail, from the direction of airflow to the real-time temperature control, has been optimized to improve the rolling process and maximize your profits. Click the link for full details regarding the performance of our unit.


While it may not be clearly evident from looking at them, the cheap units currently on the market coming from overseas are horribly unsafe, for both the unit operator and your customers. Our units address such issues as unsafe wiring and exploding refrigeration components. Each cold plate also undergoes a full series of safety compliance tests as part of the manufacturing process.  Click the link for a full listing of safety improvements.

Superior Support

Our Arctic Griddle machines are designed in the USA, manufactured in the USA, and supported in the USA, and our support doesn't just end at the time of sale like other vendors. We provide online documentation and phone support in native English. We also honor our warranties, unlike other companies (which sadly many of our customers can attest to).  Click the link for a full listing of our superior support.


Profitable ways to use your Arctic Griddle ice cream roll machine

  • Traditional Rolled Ice Cream

    Rolled ice cream is highly profitable and loved everywhere. Catering can be even more profitable than a store front. The portability of the Arctic Griddle makes it easy to cater any event including birthday parties, weddings, fairs, festivals, and farmers markets. 

    Arctic Griddle Ice Cream Roll
  • Liquor Infused Ice Cream Rolls

    Want to add another revenue stream to your business, take your machine into a local bar and serve liquor infused ice cream. Almost any popular drink can be turned into an ice cream roll. Some of our favorite rolls are White Russian, Mojito, Mudslide, and even beer. An Eggnog and rum roll around the holidays is amazing. The ability to quickly change the Arctic Griddle temperature allows for working with a wider range of rolls.  

    Arctic Griddle Liquor Infused Ice Cream Rolls
  • THC/CBD Edibles Infused Ice Cream Rolls

    For states where now legal, the edibles industry is exploding. Where possible, partner with a local dispensary to offer rolled ice cream on their premise.  The possibilities are endless.

    Arctic Griddle Pot Infused Edible Ice Cream Rolls
  • Other Applications

    While the Arctic Griddle was designed from the ground up for fried ice cream applications, our cold plates are also the best solution in other fields where similar products are currently utilized. Click on the link to see how our units can be used in other applications such as culinary arts, molecular gastronomy,  general catering, biological testing, and even electronic cooling.

    Other Applications For The Arctic Griddle Cold Plate, Anti-Griddle, Molecular Gastronomy, General Catering Cold Plate, Electronic Cooling

The Arctic Griddle Brand

Arctic Griddle LLC, and the Arctic Griddle brand, are a result of Custom Circuit Solutions LLC work over the last few years helping business owners all over the world to repair and maintain their rolled ice cream machines. Unfortunately, it had become an almost daily occurrence for a business to contact us in which there was a problem with one or more of their cheap machines and the overseas supplier of those machines had failed to provide any support. It is not uncommon for machines from overseas to fail after just a few months, or for them to show up dead on arrival. Some vendors don't even bother to ship the product once money has been exchanged and the promised warranties on failed units are NEVER honored. 

It was because of these stories that we established the website, to support as many business owners as possible keep their machines running. In all of our contacts with our customers we kept being asked one question "Can you make us a more reliable unit?" And so the Arctic Griddle was born. It took more than a year of development to perfect but in the end we have produced an American made product which is far superior to any other manufacturer currently on the market. But, most importantly, if you ever have a problem with your machine we will stand by our product. We honor our warranties and provide documentation so that our units can be supported by other refrigeration technicians when necessary.