• Your products are more expensive than the Chinese units. Are they really worth it?

    With our units you are investing in vastly higher reliability, safety, and performance. They also come with superior support and a 1 year warranty that is actually honored. It's easy to show that our products will not only save you money but they can increase your revenue when you consider not having to replace your machine every 3-6 months, the potential lost revenue from your pans being down for weeks, and from energy efficiency savings. The portability of the Arctic Griddle also makes it easier to use your machines to cater events. Our products are also half the price of another vendor out of the United Kingdom claiming to provide a similar high reliability unit. Our units may require more of an investment upfront but purchasing another unit will ultimately cost you much more in the long run.  

  • Are your units UL and NSF certified?

    The Arctic Griddle AG-1000 (until further notice) is not certified. It was designed to be certified to UL 621, CSA 120-13, and NSF-7 but the certification process is costly and time consuming for small volume production such as ours. The product has completed an initial design review with our 3rd party certifying company Intertek and the process is ongoing but may take several months longer. It is important to note that almost all of the units coming from China are not certified nor was any attempt made to focus on safety and sanitation in the design. Several of the units coming from China claim to be certified but upon review do not come even close to meeting the standards.

  • When will you offer a version of the Arctic Griddle for outside the North American market?

    We are currently working on a new version which is rated for 230V/50Hz and CE certified. We hope to have certifications for this new product complete within 6 months.

  • Can you make us a custom version of the Arctic Griddle?

    Yes, however, custom units are not safety/NSF certified. Only our standard products which have undergone 3rd party testing are certified.

  • Are your products made in the USA?

    The term "Made In The USA" is actually a somewhat confusing term. The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) dictates that for a product to claim "Made In The USA" status the product must contain "all or virtually all" made in the USA products. Unfortunately, our Arctic Griddles don't meet that requirement. They were designed in the USA, all of the metal fabrication is done in the USA, the refrigeration system is assembled in the USA, and all of the testing is done in the USA. However, in order to make the Arctic Griddle the standout product that it is, we use unique compressors and solenoids from Danfoss/Secop, a high quality manufacturer of refrigeration components but not a USA company. Therefore, we avoid the "Made In The USA" claim to avoid the potential of legal action. However, we do consider our product as such.

  • Can your unit replace or serve as an anti-griddle? 

    While the Arctic Griddle was designed for rolled ice cream, we believe it can serve as a superior anti-griddle under most circumstances. Its temperature is adjustable which can provide slower cooling rates and thus varied textures. The available cold surface is also larger, allowing for unique designs and the chilling of more items simultaneously. Lastly, the ability to roll your culinary designs provides a unique aspect.