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Recommended Ice Cream Scrapers

Since we shut down our online store, we still have customers asking about purchasing additional ice cream scrapers/rollers. There are two different types we have tested that we recommend. The first type is a 4" roller. These tend to work well for working the ice cream and spreading it around on the pan. These are the ones we distributed with our machines. The second type is manufactured by Kolice. It has a 3" straight edge, which is perfect for the rolling phase and takes the guess work out of sizing the roll widths. These ones are more expensive than the other types but are worth it because they make rolling faster and easier. Links to both of these types are provided below.

The other issue with scrapers is whether they will gouge the pan top. If you see metal coloring in your ice cream rolls then you know you are using the wrong scrapers. Both of these scrapers have been tested with our machines and will not gouge the pans like some of the other ones on the market that are make of harder base metals.


Arctic Griddle Alternatives

Since we stopped manufacturing the Arctic Griddle earlier this year, we still have people contacting us for recommendations as to alternatives. While we are generally hesitant to make any recommendations given that all the Chinese machines are cheaply made, certain brands are clearly better than others.

Stay away from the $500-$700 units. These will almost certainly show up not working and you will have no way of getting your money back. The more expensive units are generally worth it. Of the more expensive units, Kolice is clearly the best brand we have worked with. Not that they don't ever have problems, but they are the only other brand of machine we have seen that have lasted longer than about 6 months.

We still recommend that you purchase your machines through a vendor that has some degree of customer protections, such as Amazon. If your machine shows up with issues you have some way to get your money back. If you purchase your machine through one of the many reseller sites and something happens you have absolutely no recourse. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the Kolice machines below from Amazon.


Arctic Griddle Availability

Due to a slowdown in the market, Arctic Griddle LLC has made the difficult decision to not manufacture any additional machines after the current round of parts and materials runs out. These remaining machines will be going to our existing customers. We will honor all warranties and continue to support our existing customers for the foreseeable future. We will also be looking to partner with a larger appliance manufacturer that can resume production in the future.

At this time we are no longer able to support all the requests for support of Chinese made machines. Please understand that all these requests require a substantial time investment on our part and therefore are only supporting our existing customers who have purchased our equipment going forward.