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Anyone who has purchased one of the cheap rolled ice cream machines can attest to the fact that there is no support. There isn't any documentation, you can't speak to anyone in English regarding problems, and if there is an issue there isn't anyone local who will work on it. Even if your machine comes with a 1 year warranty it will not be honored. We offer a completely different approach. 


We provide datasheets, user guides, and service manuals, all written in native English. Service manuals are critical if you would like a refrigeration service company to work on your machine after its warranty period is up. If you're looking for our documentation click here

North American Technical Support

We provide technical support via both phone and e-mail in English. We try to respond to all requests within a few hours. See below for our contact information.


Most refrigeration repair companies won't work on your failed cheap rolled ice cream machines. It also rarely makes sense to ship these units out for repair given the high cost of shipping alone. With the Arctic Griddle, we provide documentation which allows refrigeration companies to service your machines. Also, if you do ever need to ship your unit back to us for repair, the smaller size and lower weight of the unit makes it much more cost effective.


One of the most frustrating things we have seen in trying to help our customers repair their machines from other manufacturers is that they believe their machines are under warranty. Only for them to learn the hard way that the promised warranties aren't EVER honored. These companies simply can't afford to because there isn't any margin in the cost of the product.

While we do everything to ensure that you don't ever need to utilize the warranty on an Arctic Griddle, part of the unit's cost goes to a fund to service the inevitable warranty replacement. If you have any problem with your Arctic Griddle within the warranty period we will first try to help to diagnose and resolve your problem. If we can't, we will ship out a replacement unit the next day. All we ask is that the failed unit be returned in the packaging of the replacement unit.