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Arctic Griddle LLC got its start in the rolled ice cream business by repairing the cheap machines from Chinese manufacturers over the last several years through our advanced electronics company Custom Circuit Solutions LLC. In that period of time, we gained significant experience with machines from the various vendors. We know the most common problem areas with numerous manufacturers. If you are having a problem with one of your machines please contact us. Our troubleshooting advice is free and we will try to steer you to the best solution.

In most cases it is not cost effective to send us a cheap machine for repair. The shipping alone may cost more than the machine itself. In almost all cases it costs more to ship one of these machines from one US state to another nearby state than it does to have the machine shipped from China. There is a long list of reasons for this, which is a topic for a later discussion, unfortunately that is the reality we have to deal with. 

For some manufacturers we are able to provide replacement electronics which are improved over the original. One such manufacturer is the Kolice brand. The photo shown below shows a dual pan unit in which we replaced all of the electronics, including the displays. For other manufacturers we don't provide replacement equipment because it simply isn't worth the cost. It doesn't make sense to put several hundred dollars worth of new electronics into a system where the refrigeration equipment isn't likely to last more than a few months. 

Repair of Kolice brand fried ice cream roll machines

We've put together the https://rolledicecreammachines.com/problems.html website to help business owners try and resolve some of the most common problems on their own but if you are still having a problem with your machine, please send us as much information as possible including:

  1. Manufacturer Name (pictures are sometimes better)
  2. Location of Purchase
  3. Detailed Symptoms (starts but doesn't cool, doesn't start, cools unevenly, doesn't regulate temperature, blowing fuses, tripping breakers, ...)
  4. Videos of the machine internals (with audio)