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While the Arctic Griddle was designed from the ground up for ice cream roll applications, our units excel in other fields where cold pans and cold plates are currently utilized. Click on the links below to see how our units can be used in each of the following applications. 

Culinary Arts and Molecular Gastronomy

See here how the Arctic Griddle cold plate is a superior alternative to the popular Anti-Griddle (trademarked and manufactured by PolyScience).


In addition to making rolled ice cream for your catered events, see other possible uses for our cold pans and ways to improve your business.

Biological Testing 

The need to cool or flash freeze biological samples is a common requirement in the medical industry. See here how an Arctic Griddle can be a preferable choice for Histology and other biological testing.

Electronic Cooling 

Cold plates are common in the electronic design industry for testing high thermal loads at both the component and system levels. See how the Arctic Griddle can be a useful tool in your electronics lab.