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The Arctic Griddle is the perfect tool for any business that provides food catering services. Not only can the Arctic Griddle be used for making ice cream (which is loved everywhere), but it can also serve as a superior alternative to the Anti-Griddle for culinary art features. Additionally, it can be used for any general-purpose cooling and freezing needs that may arise for the caterer.  

Rolled Ice Cream and Other Frozen Desserts

Your catering business may not have considered offering rolled ice cream before, but you should. Rolled ice cream is highly profitable and very popular. Businesses providing only rolled ice cream catering are turning out to be in high demand. If you were to combine traditional food catering with rolled ice cream the opportunities are endless and would put you ahead of your competition.

While rolled ice cream is all the rage, if you consider offering non-rolled ice cream even more possibilities open up. By this we mean, not every ice cream base rolls well. There are many healthier options for ice cream that taste great but won’t roll. Examples include yogurts and bases made of almond milk. They might not look as pretty but they are sure to please an even wider audience.

Culinary Arts and Decorative Pieces

The Arctic Griddle is a superior alternative to the popular Anti-Griddle, manufactured by PolyScience, for use in the culinary arts. We’ve put together an entire page outlining the Arctic Griddle’s advanced features and the possibilities they create.

A big part of many catering services is the presentation of the product. With the Arctic Griddle one can create many unique and entertaining pieces. Whether making a large intricate chocolate showpiece or simple highlight adornments, our unit is best platform possible. One of the most intriguing new features of the Arctic Griddle is the ability to freeze large amounts of liquids. Try making shattered glass looking features by freezing things such as water, sodas, energy drinks, and some alcohols. 

General Cooling and Freeze Plate

Above all else the Arctic Griddle makes a perfect cold plate. The Arctic Griddle’s adjustable temperature allows you to dial in the perfect amount of cooling. You can turn the temperature down and keep your frozen treats frozen or turn it up and chill your beverages to the optimal temperature.

With the Arctic Griddle, you never have to worry about running out of ice at events, and its portability makes it much easier to bring to the jobsite than most other large refrigeration appliances. Whether chilling plates or your ingredients, the Arctic Griddle makes the perfect platform.



The Arctic Griddle makes the perfect appliance for any catering service as it can serve multiple purposes in a single portable unit. It can be used as an artistic platform (like an Anti-Griddle), it can replace multiple larger cooling appliances (or having to bring bags of ice), and last but not least it allows you to offer your customers fully customizable frozen deserts on the spot such as rolled ice cream.