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Arctic Griddle Pricing and Tariffs

To those who have been following us closely during our development, and those who have contacted us regarding pricing recently, we wanted to announce and explain an increase to the launch price of the Arctic Griddle. The design of the Arctic Griddle has been a challenge to bring to market in small quantities, while providing a very high quality USA manufactured product, that wasn't out of the budget of most small business owners. A last minute issue with one of our vendors forced us to make a tough decision. We now have a higher-quality more-reliable manufacturer providing all of the framing and panelling but it came at a price increase of several hundred dollars per unit.

New tariffs have also been a problem for pricing the Arctic Griddle. Since we first launched development of the Arctic Griddle more than a year ago, we have received notices from our frame/enclosure manufacturer, our pan top manufacturer, our condenser manufacturer, and our supplier of all of our refrigeration parts that our parts are going up in price due to the tariffs. In some cases our costs have risen more than 25% in the last year. Unfortunately, similar tariffs have not been placed  on rolled ice cream machines coming from outside the USA, putting us at a disadvantage. As a small startup business we have no choice but to pass these costs on to our customers. 

Without these price increases we wouldn't be able to bring the Arctic Griddle to market. If we are able to obtain sufficient sales quantities in the future we hope to bring the price of the Arctic Griddle down. Thank you for your understanding.  


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