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Arctic Griddle Production Starting Soon!!

We have many customers asking for weekly updates regarding our production status. Unfortunately, our schedule slipped several more months as we worked to get our unit through an initial UL certification design review with our 3rd party certifying lab Intertek/ETL. We are now rescheduling the start of production for mid-September. Assuming no new issues with our vendors delivering parts on time, we will begin production as soon as our first batch of parts start showing up. However, the full UL/NSF certification could still take months to obtain as it is a very slow and paperwork intensive process.

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Sep 11, 2018 • Posted by Randy Jon King

It’s worth the wait! Being an inventor myself, (with a patent even) I understand the hitch in your giddy-up, so to speak. I had to deal with production in China, which was a total nightmare. I learned a lot about China, and the American consumer, in the process. I support you 100%. My daughter is involved with the start-up of our ice cream business. She talked me out of a counter culture thing (Roll Another One). Going back to a more family oriented theme. We need a machine or two to practice with. Thanks, Folks!

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